Bucket List

Here’s a list of some of the things I would love to see, learn, and do.

I’ll update the list as I complete the items or add new tasks. I suspect I won’t be able to complete them all. Some may need time, opportunity, or financial or physical abilities I don’t have. But completing even half of the list would be exciting. And maybe even rewarding.

8/6/2021: 0/17 completed

1. See the northern lights

8/6/2021: Auroras (or polar lights) are light displays caused by solar winds interacting with the Earth magnetic field. The lights in Norway look breathtaking. (I think I first learned about them from the spirit lights in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.)

2. Run a 10k

8/6/2021: The farthest I’ve gone in a single run is currently 5.24 km (22/5/2021).

3. Learn to speak a second foreign language

(…English being the first…obviously, I hope.)

4. Learn to play another musical instrument

8/6/2021: At the moment, I think this might be the ukulele. It’s not very different from the guitar, which I play. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up. More importantly, it moves me a step closer to becoming Tyler Joseph from the Twenty One Pilots.

5. Go skydiving

6. Deadlift my body weight

8/6/2021: I haven’t even tried deadlifting before. Ever. This should be…fun.

7. Read a book written in Igbo

8/6/2021: My spoken Igbo isn’t great, but my reading is even worse. I’d love to learn to read and understand a complete book in Igbo.

8. Visit Japan

8/6/2021: I’ve heard beautiful things about the country.

9. Go on a meditative retreat

8/6/2021: Stay somewhere quiet, with little-to-no technology, practising mindfulness for a few days.

10. See the Large Hadron Collider

8/6/2021: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a 27-kilometre-long ring of magnets in Geneva. Physicists use the LHC to smash subatomic particles together to find new particles. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering. And I’ve had it on my to-visit list for some time now.

11. Learn to swim

8/6/2021: I can’t think of any valid reason why I don’t know how to swim. None at all.

12. Learn a dance

8/6/2021: Literally any complete dance. This could have been easy if I wasn’t so terrible at dancing.

13. Go stargazing

8/6/2021: Starry night, up on a hill, telescope in hand. That kind of thing.

14. Float in zero-gravity

8/6/2021: This is a tough one, considering zero-gravity flights currently cost around $7,000. But I can’t think of many things seven-year-old me would find cooler than floating in zero-G.

15. Go scuba diving

16. Start a startup

8/6/2021: Technically, I have “kind of” helped start startups in the past. And I’ve helped start things that were “kind of” startups. But I’d like to cofound a technology company for real sometime in the future.

17. Watch Ludovico Einaudi perform live

8/6/2021: Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian classical pianist and one of my favourite musicians. I find his songs beautiful and soothing.